Short Attention Sp --

So I haven't blocked yet. I actually realised that I don't have enough pins to block the scarf, so we'll all have to wait on that one.

I am doing really well on NOT starting a buttload of new projects. My knitting "basket" was taking up so much space (it was really a BIG hamper and a BIG tupperware container and a BIG brown box) that I decided it was cramping my style (not to mention my livingroom decor).

I spent a day, went through the whole thing, picked out my top three works in progress, and put them in a pretty little yellow bag that I bought at Michaels for $5. Everything else was toted up stairs and away to my office/craft room. I am NOT allowing myself to buy more yarn until I've used up at least a third of my stash (we'll see how long this lasts), and I will not cast on a new project until one of my on-the-go projects is done.

I have a few worthy causes that I'm stash busting towards. First is the Ronald MacDonald House Charities. They need slippers, people! There's several really simple slipper patterns on the good ol' triple W, and I'm going to make some! Really, they do knit up so much faster than, say, a sweater. ;)

The second cause that I'm going to be stash-busting-my-ass towards is to the children of Ethiopia. A lady I knit with (the lovely Hazel) is going to Ethiopia and will be stopping by an orphanage while there. She's said she'll drop off any hats, socks, etc that we can knit up for the little ones, so I'm working on it!

The final worthy cause is for somebody I know that's pregnant with a sure-to-be-adorable fetus. But SHHHHHH. It's still a secret. (and it's not me, Barb, so stop giggling)

Speaking of getting things done, this is how much sock you can knit when you're tired, sick and watching Disney movies all day:


Barb said...

Thanks so much for the binding off advice last night. Made perfect sense and was wonderfully easy! Can't wait till lunch break to start on my dishcloth... I'm going to use this pattern but with pink and white cotton.

Andrea said...

Thanks so much for the compliment on my blog :D I printed it out and am going to hang it on my wall when I get home :D You've made my month!