Knitting with Fire

I've cast on (again). This time, I'm knitting with my new favourite yarn -- Silk Purse by Alchemy Yarns. I picked it up at Make One Yarn Studio, of course.
The project is BEAUTIFUL. I'm keeping it for myself, for once. Pardon the le crap lighting. It was late, and I took them inside.

Once it's blocked, it'll look wonderful. The yarn is 100% silk, and I think I'm in love.
In other news, I was at the thrift store the other day and found some roving:
Orange and Chocolate brown. I see a man scarf in the future. Now I just need to learn to spin... See the price, though? Oh yeah. Yeah, baby, yeah.
I also found some needles -- LONG steel dpns and some old-fashiony ones (steel as well). YAY! I love thrift stores!
Finally -- we gave the cat a bath.
Robbie thinks she's going to kill us in her sleep.

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Mary said...

You cat is scary! The picture gave me goose bumps. Great, now i have to google images of rainbows and flowers just to get the shiver outa my spine. Thanks for scaring the crap outa me, Kayla! Stop torturing your cat!

oh, and hey, will you knit me a purse? :)))