Not-so-finishing streak...

I was so proud of myself. I'd finished so many things and cut down on my active stuff on the needles. I had needles free, dangit!!

Now..... not so much. In fact, I may have added a few more needles to my collection... I'm so ashamed!!!!!

I blame the stress at work. I am not thrilled about the turn my job has taken this last week. I'm not going to elaborate, because who knows who reads this blog. Lets just say that some things happened that made me wonder if I am being given the respect that I feel I deserve. *le sigh*

Anyways, in the last two weeks, I have cast on no fewer than two projects. These projects are small, but time consuming because of the gauge. Thank the good earth they're baby stuff!!!

As well, the wedding is a mere 18 days away, and I am getting ready to have a stiff drink. I'm excited, but there's still A LOT to do. I still haven't gotten a tan!!!! (spray tan, my environmentally-friendly readers. This girl does not sunbath nor does she fake bake)
Without further ado, dear friends, I give you my "Ode de Full Knitting Basket."
It started simply enough. Empty the basket. Make it orderly and crap. The most recent editions to the basket were the first to be shown the light...

Alpaca and silk. SO not my fault. I blame Amy. What is it, you ask? Why, another hat for little Fergus Fetus -- the soon-to-be baby Spruit!!!
The sock was hanging out at the top of the basket because I've worked on her recently. She and all her needles were soon on the window sill, enjoying a view of our still-unfinished backyard.
She caught a few rays, which played wonderfully off all the cat hair on her....

Soon enough, the big-and-ugly came out to play.

Long, no? Big-and-ugly sat on the couch because evil things burst into flame in the sunlight.
Baby booties for Fergus Fetus followed. I'm not sure *how* they go together, but I'm praying to the goodness that is that the pattern will eventually become clear.
The lace shawl came next. He was so tired of being stuck in the bottom of the basket that he promptly jumped on the window sill (with 2 of the 3 balls of his yarn) and caught some rays, dude.
I have day dreams of eating the yarn like it's cotton candy. It's that light and fluffy. Kid Merino, if anybody's interested in knowing. :)
Shyte started going back in the basket. I think I have a problem with blue...
More shyte wound up in the bin. Now I know I have a problem in general.
The highlight of the days were the friends that found each other amongst the chaos. Baby hat? Meet Kid Mohair. :) I think they're in love.

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