Finishing Streak

I think it's finally clicked. For some reason, I've been finishing like mad these last few weeks. There was the baby poncho, the baby socks, the baby hat....hmm...
Must be the baby stuff. It's faster, it's knit up so quick -- I can do at less cost and feel so fulfilled.
That must be where I was going wrong.
Of course, there's still the baby blankies and the shawl that I have to finish. Once the sweater is finished, I'll get my behind in gear and finish them.
Baby hat:
The pattern: My own.
The yarn: Red heart something something.
The sticks: 3.5 mm double pointed
Baby Sockies:
The pattern: My own.
The yarn: Red heart something something (the green) and Socken Woole self striping
The sticks: 2.5 mm double pointed
Work-in-progress (the ones that I'm actively working on):
This little sockie is for Robbie, technically, but you know I'm going to use it. ;) The pattern is out of a book that I can't remember the name of. I know the name of the pattern is "Denmark." The yarn is "Jitterbug" handpainted.
The sweater (2/3 done!!!!):
Seriously LOVING this pattern and the yarn. LOVING. It's so pretty and soft. The pictures don't do it justice. Just wait until it's done and I get it outside for it's closeup!
That's it for now! Until next time, mon cheris!!

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The Anarchist Who Also Happens To Knit said...

that hat is the definition of cuteness.