Oops. It's been a while...

Over a month, actually. Sorry, y'all. That's what happens when you go back to work, I guess. Lots to blog about, but it's nearly 11:00 p.m., so do forgive the crude drafting of this entry.

First and foremost, I have completed stuff. WOOHOO! And started stuff, but that's beside the point. I've joined a S 'n' B and it's quite entertaining. The store is Make 1 Yarns and is run by Sandra and her wife, Amy. I haven't had the priveledge of meeting Amy yet, but hope to soon. Turns out she's actually a published author (just ignore the bottom two), and Robbie says it's like I'm hanging out with "Yarn Celebrities." Oh the glamour.

Sandra's awesome. She gave me beer and wants to name her dog "Potato." 'Nuff said.

Work is good. It's really challenging and busy, and my heart breaks every time I leave Elodie in the morning, but it's nice to get into a routine, somewhat.

The diet is.... *cough*

Moving on! -- Pictures!!

I knit a REALLY cute poncho/shawl for a toddler. Katie turned one on May 14th!

The poncho is made out of two strands of Sheep Shop yarn knit together. The pattern is my own (I'm very excited about that). I embelished, as you can see, with some random yellow wool and a pretty felted flower. It took me three days (!!!!) to complete, which is, for me, a new record.

I also made a baby hat and some matching socks for James and Jen's fetus, but I can't show you that yet. Not until Fergus the Fetus is born. Trust me...it's cute.

Finally, I cast on a new project last night. Blue Sky Alpaca is amazingly soft. There was kind of a blizzard last night, so I couldn't take pictures outside, so forgive the sh*tty lighting. When it's sunny out, I'll get some good pictures.
I found the pattern in one of the many pattern books that I inherited from Robbie's mom. Vintage circa 1976-ish. I'm knitting the red sweater in a beautiful baby grey with pink and dark grey accents. Tres chic. Obviously, this will be Elodie sized. ;)

That's about it, I guess. :) Until next time!


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