ANOTHER new job.

So, I've turned down the photography sales job. I realized that right now, with everything that's happened, I just want to be close to me dear, beautiful baby.

I have my whole life (however long that life should be) to make money, but can only witness Elly growing up ONCE. So, I've turned it down. Instead, I've been interviewed, offered, and accepted a job with The Captioning Group, as a full-time captioner. I'm very excited, the pay is right, there is less travel (thank god) and the people seem equally nice. I start on Wednesday.

It has been a VERY stressful week. Between humming and haaing over which job to take, dealing with two of Elodie's front teeth coming in (not yet cut) and stressing over money, child care, the future, family, the house, the mess, and other various not-nice-ities, I finally feel somewhat calmer. I need chocolate.

I've also started a diet (again). I'm back on the South Beach Diet, but not cutting out carbs completely the first 2 weeks. My body just cannot handle it right now. I need my energy.

Last weekend, Mom took me to the spa for the day. It was quite nice. I had a manicure, a haircut (the girl did a VERY stellar job), and my makeup trial for the wedding. Next year, it will be my turn to take Mom there.

As far as knitting goes, I've been trying like a demon to finish that baby blankie. I'm determined to have it finished by the end of the month (fingers crossed) and then can work on the next big thing, a poncho for Melissa's daughter, Katey.

1) Baby blankie (finish end of month -- hopefully)
2) Knit baby poncho (fair isle -- finish May 14 at the latest!)
3) Lace shawl (looking good! 1/4 finished -- complete by July)
4) Pea coat (finish by next winter)
5) 2 other baby blankies (omg)

I'm sure there are other WIPs that I'm not including in this list, but it's all just too much! I have to organize my craft room/office this weekend, I think, and make sure everything has its place.

Wish me luck!

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