Sort of Snuggly

My cousin and his wife welcomed a baby boy, Trysten, into the world in January. While trying to decide what to get the kid, I decided (the night before heading up to see him) that I'd knit him something. I'd recently helped my friend, Terra, finish her Snug sweater for her baby-to-be, and I knew it was a reasonably easy pattern, being all in garter stitch.

So off to Ravelry I went to download the pattern. I cast on in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in a really lovely mossy variegated green and started knitting. At 9:00 at night. What on earth was the matter with me.

I knit until 3:00 a.m. modifications were in order (running out of yarn). Hood was nixed. Robbie had picked up wee wooden buttons for me from the store. Sleep was in order.

The next morning, I finished the sweater, sewed on the buttons and headed up to my cousin's town two hours away on rather treacherous roads. I would have turned around if I hadn't been worried about the fit. See, while the pattern says it will fit a 0-6 month old, due to stretchy fit, it did not look like anything a six month old boy would fit. In fact, Trysten's two months was looking iffy.

The two-hour drive took me three hours. There were flipped cars in the ditch. I nearly went off the road at least three times. Visibility was low to none at points.

But you know what?


It's a good thing I went. That sweater barely fit. But it sure did. YAY!

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