I'm officially a doula! Not yet certified, but fully trained! Very exciting.

I had an excellent, crazy-busy weekend of learning. I took my course through Elmont Birth Services, taught by Elaine from Elmont and Jennifer from Hip Mamas. Both were incredibly knowledgeable and sweet. Between the two of them, they had so much experience that I was in awe every time they opened their mouths.

The group of girls was excellent as well. Each was passionate about birth for their own reasons, and each was a pleasure to hang around with. Our class of 15 laughed all weekend. I feel far more prepared for my chosen profession and ready to tackle the upcoming births that I'm possibly attending. This week, I have four interviews with various possible clients to discuss if I'm the doula for them. Another two are in the wings, and it's all-in-all very exciting.

As for knitting news, things are chugging along. Despite only having one sleeve left on Royale, I'm being lazy and not finishing it just yet. I have a pattern that NEEDS releasing, but that means I have to finish testing it. So far, so good. Then I have to write the pattern itself, of course. That's the worst part of designing!

So I think I'll finish up the edging tomorrow (maybe tomorrow and Wednesday) and then write the pattern up on Thursday. Release on Friday. Ish. Then back to Royale. Stay tuned for finished pictures!