Official Diagnosis

A few weeks ago, I met with the OB/GYN who did my surgery, and we discussed exactly the findings. I also got a copy of the report. Here's the info:

1. The big cyst was not attached to an ovary. It was literally hanging out in the pelvic cavity, attached to nothing. Very odd. It was removed without incident and was benign.
2. The smaller cyst was attached to the right ovary, and removed without incident. It was benign.
3. The right fallopian tube is adhered to the pelvic wall, kinked and heavily scarred.
4. The right ovary is adhered to the uterus and heavily scarred.
5. The left ovary is very minimally scarred.
6. The left fallopian tube is very minimally scarred and very minimally adhered to the uterus.
7. Chances for conception on the right side are significantly reduced.
8. Chances for conception on the left side are minimally reduced and should work as normal.
9. Histology of the scarring is suspected to be the infection post-partum from a bad stitch job by a newbie doctor and/or a uterine infection in December of 2009, cause unknown.
10. The cysts are not expected to recur.
11. The endometrial biopsy was normal, suspected chronic inflammation caused by diet (it dropped significantly after I stopped consuming copious amounts of shit).
12. There was no sign or symptoms of endometriosis, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, poly-cystic ovaries, or malignancy.

The verdict: I need to have what's called a hysterosalpingogram, which is where they shoot dye through your lady bits and image them via ultrasound to make sure everything's clear. But at this point, we could have normal fertility or very reduced fertility. I have been trying to come to terms with the chance of never conceiving again. We are not willing to go to IVF (IUI would not work if the fallopian tubes are blocked). I am not sure how far we would go with hormone treatments, and surgery may be an option if the fallopian tubes are blocked.

So. Half shitty, half good, I guess.


knitterreader said...

Sounds like mostly good news! No sign of cancer, endometriosis, etc -- and one side sounds pretty much good to go. Yay!

Anyway, you should (if you don't already) know that some docs think that HSG's help "clear out" the fallopian tubes and make it more likely to conceive after having one. That's what happened for me! So even though the test can be very uncomfortable, it can be worthwhile, and not just for getting the imaging info it provides.

Daddysgirl said...

Yep, half good and half bad, but lets focus on the good.

After 2.5 years of nothing, I also had an HSG (not bad, though kind of cool to see). That was December. I started clomid in January to stay within the 3 month window of increased chances after HSG, and my little man was conceived before February. There is hope. Go for it!

Barb said...

All my best wishes are with you. Hopefully all will work out!