A Promise Made

Sorry I've been away for a while. Dealing with hard news is, well, hard to deal with. The HSG was supposed to take place tomorrow, but alas, it will not. The doctor had a family emergency and will be out of the office for two weeks. So next cycle I will brave the procedure and get it done. *sigh*

In other news, I have stuff to show you tomorrow. Tonight I am working a lot, and tomorrow I will have time to write a decent post and show you some pictures. Here's what I'm promising:

1) My stash. I went through it all in a fit of cleaning, and I'm tossing a whole box of crap, and looking for a shelter or a group to donate two big bags full of yarn to (all acrylic), and currently have a Rubbermaid bin full of yarn, a Rubbermaid bin full of fibre, a basket full of works in progress, and a large beach bag full of sock yarn.

2) My projects. I'm spinning for a new project. Pepper and I have spent too much time apart lately, and I gave him a good oiling and a good cleaning, and we've been hanging out.

3) Some wicked stash additions. I got the best little purchase in the mail last week. In a rather significant box. Also, Annie had some great fibre from a destash that I got. YAY.

4) A new picture of moi. 28 pounds, folks. 28 pounds lighter is a significant amount.

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...AnnaRose... said...

Congrats to the 28 lbs!

And re your stash: There was a lady from Neighbourlink Calgary at one of the recent Gilli meetings and told us that they focus on charity for babies and toddlers under 2. They previously received a huge bag of yarn and found a lot of knitters who made baby items with it. They are still happy to receive baby items and yarn to make them.