On Straight Lines

So, how many people get totally frustrated from the ssk or the s1, k1, PSSO coming out all crooked when your k2tog lies perfectly flat and beautiful? Me? Me? I get so, SO angry about that.

Well, I figured out a trick to have the exact, same straight line for your left-leaning decreases. I know! (!!!!!)

Here's the trick. On the ssk, instead of slipping both stitches knit-wise, slip the first knit-wise and the second purl-wise. Then knit them together through the back legs. Tada! Your left-leaning decreases will sit perfectly straight, no more jogging, no more crookedness.

Check it out in this close-up.

Stitch marker OIS

Yeah, those lines are S(kw)S(pw)K(tbl)!



Debbie said...


You're my new hero.... that always drives me crazy...I'm so happy!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Debbie said...

Ha! I was looking for this info a few months ago...and couldn't find it....then stumbled across this while looking at your shawls...and bam! I've already posted...lol...
Now..I'm Pinning it!