Off to see the Wizard

This time next week, I'll be (hopefully) safely on the ground, in a rental car, driving toward my grandfather's house. I'm SO excited!!!!!

Bedstefar went through surgery with flying colours. He's sore, but he's doing well. I'm packing a few cookbooks, and I'm going to play the part of lovely hausfrau while staying there. Elodie's passport is ready for pickup in the morning (hopefully), and then we get a commissioner of oaths to sign a letter saying that Elodie can fly out-of-country with me (thankfully, we know a few of them), and we'll be all set!

It's been a generally slow week, knit-wise. I did, however, try out the new Mach 1 Spinolution at Make 1. HOMG. I want. I lust. I desire. Let's just say that within five minutes of sitting down at the thing, I was spinning laceweight out of camel/tussah. Did I mention that I lust?

The drive is amazing, it just goes and goes and goes. It's so quiet and lovely. Sure, it's not the prettiest wheel, but who the heck cares? It's BREATHLESS. Or maybe that's just me. I love it. Anybody wanting to donate to the "buy Kayla a Mach 1" fund can just send me a check for $500. Or more. More is always good.

So, current projects, I'm done half of two pairs of socks (read: one sock from each pair), half through a mitten of a pair of thrummed mittens for myself, cast on a mitten for a pair for Elodie, half through the back of a sweater and halfway through three lace shawls. I'm sure there's more projects somewhere.

The thing is, I don't mind having all these projects. I have quite a few Xmas presents to do this year (although less than last year), and by starting them all at once, I seem to feel like I'm going to actually finish them. I'm sure the same thing will happen this year as happened the last two years. I'll be the one up at 2:00 a.m., knitting furiously on ONE LAST GIFT, mentally planning the family breakfast we have every year at our house (sure to be attended by no less than 14 people this year, but probably closer to 30 - not including Robbie, Elodie and myself) on Xmas morning.

I also already have knitting projects planned for after the holidays. My mom recently took a trip to Prairie Fibre Mill, run by Sheila Spurling-Law, who she went to high school with, and brought by $140 worth of llama/merino/silk blend yarn for me to knit her a sweater (and hat and scarf and mitts) out of. Since I'm all about the process and not so much about the product, I can't wait! The sweater itself will be boring (in my opinion) since it doesn't have cables or patterning. It's just a plain sweater with shaping and perhaps a button on the v-neck. Simple, no?

Okay. It's nearly midnight, and I have a passport to pick up in the morning, not to mention three bathrooms to clean. I've got to work on blogging during the day and not in the dead of night.

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