Okay. Sorry. I apologize. But if you could see my workload right now, you'd totally understand. You'd give me a hug, perhaps some cocoa and most likely a backrub and say, "It's okay, Kayla. We totally get it." But you can't see my workload, so I won't receive any of the said cocoa and virtual backrubs.

Needless to say, it's 4:36 in the morning. I have 36 minutes left on a 318 minute file. I'm nearly there. But yet, I'm here, procrastinating, typing something other than this damn file, trying to give my brain a break. I have pictures, but alas, I've hardly had time to eat let alone load them into photobucket. So you'll have to wait. I'm taking tomorrow off because I'll have met my quota for the week tonight, and after several hours of blissful sleep, I'll post the pictures on here. I've got lots to show you. Spinning, knitting, dying, more spinning. It'll be lovely.

But you'll have to wait. This file beckons, and my fingers scream no, and my brain just wants to sleep, but I would like to get paid for this, so I'd best finish it. Wish me luck, send me virtual cocoa, and think of me and my poor fingers while you all read this.


Andrea said...

Virtual cocoa run!! I hope you don't mind but I Irished it up a bit too.

Enjoy your day off!

Mary said...

Have a good day off! I've got your virtual back rub right here.... how's that feel?

Anonymous said...

here, I am sending you my favorite coffee, rasberry chocolate with a little sugar and cream in it. It is the best!!