So Busy, I missed the Boat.

Happy belated Blogaversary to me!!! It was the one year anniversary of this blog back on March 2nd. I knew it was in March, but when you're trying to do 130 minutes of audio a day (three-to-four hour turnaround time), you tend to lose brain cells. So happy Blogaversary! I'm excited!

I've cast on for my Hemlock Ring Blanket, but no pictures yet. Give me some time, people. It's been quite the month so far.


Andrea said...

Happy Belated Bloggiversary!!

Mary said...

Happy Blogaversary to you!!!!! And happy birthday to Elodie pretty soon. That must be soon, or else I missed it. Gracie turned 2 yesterday - hard to believe. She totally wasn't in the mood so the party was a bust.

Good luck with your Hemlock Ring Blanket - can't wait to see it!