Not Having Fun.

So it went from bad to worse. Remember how my wrists hurt last time I had posted? Add to that a stomach virus and you have happy little me for the first three days this week. I was feverish and shakey and sweaty and seriously thought my girls were leaking like they had shortly after I'd had my daughter, but it turned out that it was an actual bead of sweat (more like a small rivulet) running from my girls to my pants. How disgusting.

I was not having fun this past week. Between trying to work, trying to deal with the dirtiest house I've owned in a while and taking care of the munchkin by myself while Robbie's laughing it up in Jasper, it's been a trying time. The only thing that could console me was my socks. I'm working on a pair of socks from Cat Bordhi's new book, "New Pathways for Sock Knitters." How lovely is this book? I bought it on a whim after reading a great review by The Tangled Arts. Thanks, T! I agree. Great book! *thumbs up*

Currently, if you want to hear how awesome my night is going, I have 27 minutes of a 65 minute file finished that is due for tomorrow, meaning I still have and hour and a half of work left to finish tonight. Further, I have a 60 minute file due on Sunday and a 50 minute file due on Monday. Obviously, I'm working this weekend.

To make things every better, right now, Elodie is being weaned from her soother. I really did put it off too long. First it was going to be at three months, then six, then a year, then after she cut her molars. Now? 19 months and just leaving her soother. :( What a rough night tonight will be. There's always been an excuse before. She was sick or we were in Newfoundland or she was cutting a tooth or she was especially grumpy or mommy had a lot of work to do or daddy was tired. NOT ANYMORE!

I feel my will crumbling. Time to drink. Then maybe curl up in a nice bath for a few hours until she's officially asleep and I'll type after that. :\

Xmas knitting is nearly complete with only two halves of scarves, half a toque and one mitten to finish. For good measure, I'm probably going to finish the sweater that I started six months ago for Elodie so she can wear it for Xmas morning. :) Thank goodness SOMETHING is going well tonight.



Mary said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Silly question - is a soother the same as a pacifier? I am trying to wean Gracie from breastfeeding. It's a lot harder than it sounds. But I did get her cut back significantly on our recent roadtrip.

Take care.

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

Poor you. I hope things are improving. You deserve a nice night with some warm apple cider (or something stronger!) and a good book or something.