No time left.

I'm knitting and ONLY knitting right now. It's nuts. Of course, I'm working and still taking care of my family, but I don't have time to spin. I still have Xmas present to finish, and there's only 28 days until Xmas!!!!! Less than a month!

We had a bad night last night. Elodie had been sick since Thursday, and last night, it peaked with a 102 degree fever. We took her to the Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with Croupe and was given a few doses of oral steroids. She's home today, along with Robbie who is watching her while mommy works - (procrastinates) - and is THE grumpiest baby EVER. EVER!!! Screaming, whining, crying, throwing food, begging for milk, tossing the milk at you, crying some more. Top it off with a buttload of work because I can't say no to anything, and you have my life at the moment.

Long story short, Elodie and Robbie and I didn't get home until 2:00 last night, and Elodie was up at 9:00 today thanks to a phone call from my contract. :( Le sigh.

Further, I'm more than a little choked right now. See, I had Danish citizenship, but I thought the opportunity to apply for it permanently had passed at the arrival of my 21st birthday. I'd greived my stupidity for not applying and moved on. Last week, I called the consulate to see if there was ANY chance that I could still apply for my dual citizenship to find out that I could've received it until my 22nd birthday. Now I'm doubly bummed for not even checking. I'm going to DK this summer, though, so I'll be marching my little katooshie with my rudimentary Danish-speaking skills to the place in Copenhagen where I can apply, and I'm going to BEG for my citizenship.

The reason I want it so much? It's my heritage. It's the other half of me. It's the place that I spent summers and vacations. It's where half of my family lives, and it's the place in the whole world that I feel like I'm home. :(

Okay. No time to complete this post in a coherent fashion. I have work to finish, dinner to cook, a child to love, a husband to nag and Xmas knitting to finish!!!!

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