Weighing in.

I weighed in a day early today because my nutritionist is not in the office tomorrow. I lost another two pounds! Let me tell you, I have not seen this weight since Elodie was one. I feel so much better, look so much better, and I'm enjoying my new way of life. (I may or may not be eating chips right now...as a reward)

Also, I have some more finished objects to show you!

First up is my lace sampler scarf that I designed for the Knitting Room's introductory lace class that I'll be teaching next month.


The scarf has four main lace panels, which are repeated, as well as "blanks" for the knitter to design their own or leave plain stocking stitch.


Because this scarf is knit with my own handspun, and I didn't have the exact yardage figured, I did end up having to cut out a repeat near the end so that I could finish the scarf. I literally had less than a yard left.

Next, I did some contract knitting last week. A lovely person from my town hired me to knit two baby scarves. These were knit with *cashmere*. All I can say is lucky baby.


I really enjoyed this pattern. It was super fast and adorable. For the scarves themselves, I pinned out the pink one while blocking, while I laid the white one flat to dry. You can see the difference in the sizes. Just goes to show you what a difference blocking makes.


I've also finished Terra's baby blankie, but I'm not going to post the completed pictures until it's in her hands. I love surprises!


Terra said...

So does Terra - although the blankie may be for her and not for baby!

Kayla W said...

LOL, Dude, hate to point this out, but there be a baby in there, and if you use it, baby will too!!! ;)