Come on Spring!

Elodie and Mommy want to get outside and play!!!

We've been stuck in the house for nearly six months now, and this tease of warmer weather is making us itchy! We did manage to rake the yard over the weekend (meaning I raked and Elodie jumped in the grass and caught ladybirds), and we've been going for walks whenever we can, but SRSLY, enough snow already!!

In knitting news, to combat the stir-crazy blues, I've been knitting avidly on my Oriental Impressions Square (rav link), and I picked up some hand-painted merino/seacell blend that I've been (slowly) spinning. It's lovely and soft, and I'm thinking I'll weave a scarf out of it.

So now...we wait for spring, by which time I intend to be finished my shawl and wearing it. Maybe that's it!! Maybe spring won't get here until I finish my shawl! Well....crap. Suffice it to say that the square thing, while great that I don't have to purl at all, is maybe not the best idea I've ever had. This shawl is going to be massive, already kicking around 900 stitches on the needles with two-and-a-half sections (at least 150 rounds) left to go. I'm considering wimping out and doing the shorter version of the shawl, though I purchsed enough cashmere/silk/merino for the full version.

I hope spring has sprung for the rest of you. If Mother Nature is waiting on me to start the season, it's going to be a while...

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