I don't like drama. I've never liked drama. Why is drama attracted to me? SRSLY. I'm not going to post too much about this because I think it's rather juvenile, to be honest, like some people can't get out of high school mode. Suffice it to say there is drama in my life right now, and I don't like it. Get out, drama.

I've been doing a lot of knitting in the face of said drama, and I have one-and-a-half pairs of socks to show you! WOW! Drama sure sucks, but it does wonders for my FOs. Also debating a work thing. Do I want to work full time outside the house, or continue on my road of self-employment? I make decent money being self-employed, and I love working in my jammies, but a reliable paycheck would be lovely, and interaction with other people keeps me sane. On the down side, I don't like getting up before 8:00, and working outside the home would surely require that.

Debates, debates. Speaking of work, I have a bunch of it to do now. Tune in again soon. I should have taken some pictures of my socks by then. They're comfy and warm and delicious.

Boo drama.

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daddysgirl said...

I agree, I hate drama too. Here's what I think. See that pole over there? Between that pole, this tree, that table and those swings, that is the new no drama zone. Everyone welcome ;-)

Can't wait to see the socks!