Long Time Gone

I've been gone. For a long time. Hence, the title of my thread.

Many, many developments. So. Where to begin? Christmas came and went to great success. I sent home socks with my grandfather and mother, mitts to my dad, a scarf to my grandma. They are enjoying their new homes. I also found out that my grandmother used her Stolen Moments Wrap from last year to tie her bumper back onto her car when it fell off one day. I believe me initial reaction was "You used an angora/merino scarf to retie on your bumper? Are you INSANE?!", but grandma insists that the scarf was gently washed afterward and suffers no ill effects.

After much humming and hawing, I applied for a job outside the home. While I didn't get the full-time position originally sought, I was offered a casual position, and I've worked 160 hours in the last month and a half doing it. The steady income in nice, and I'm also able to continue doing my own job. Further to this, it's freed up considerable knitting/spinning/crafting time in the evenings. Much obliged.

Elodie went back into a dayhome. I can't say I'm thrilled. She sobs each morning when she finds out she can't stay home with Mommy. I love the kid to bits (obviously), and this new dayhome is not as good as the last one. It breaks my heart to leave her there each morning.

As far as knitting, once again, no pictures. I just haven't had any daylight time to take those pictures, and so I'll have to do that now that the days are getting brighter and longer. The sun is a much-welcomed sight.

Currently, I've got four things on the needles:
1) Pair of socks
2) Sweater for mom's birthday (April 25th! I still have two sleeves to do. Can I make it? I'm seriously questioning my sanity on this one).
3) Veil of Isis for my cousin's fiancee. They're getting married in March, and this is my surprise gift to her. It's going to be cashmere!!!
4) Robbie's Urban Aran Cardigan. I cast this on in November, and it's just taking a while. Only the sleeves left now (and seeming, of course).

I've started all my seeds for this summer's garden. We've got pumpkins, broccoli, cauliflower, zucinni, peas, beans, carrots, beets, corn and potatoes. I can't wait for my fresh garden produce. I'm also considering doing some strawberries, but I've always killed them off in the past.

Elodie turns three on the 30th, and I can't believe how quickly she's growing. She has officially got her own pet now. Robbie and I bought her a little wee mouse last Saturday, and she's SO in love with it. She's named it Star (I'm so glad she stopped naming things by their actual name - mouse, cat, dog, puppy, etc). Each night before she goes to bed, she holds it, makes sure it has water, food and timothy hay, and then she wishes it good night and goes to bed. Also turns out a mouse is super easy to take care of.

My Bedstefar has a little run into the hospital last month. He was up and about, getting his lawn all ready for spring, and he ended up having a minor stroke. He's okay, but it still reminds me that each moment I've had the priveledge of spending with him is precious. I'm still really afraid that this past November will be the last time I'll have seen him alive.

Well, I'm back. I promise I'm back. I will be back. Next time, hopefully, with pictures!!!

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