Head Start and a Change

Not much to discuss on the knitting front. I'm just turning the heel on my second Saucy sock, and it's coming along okay. I accidentally pulled a needle out and dropped a bunch of stitches, causing me to rip back four rows. Overall, though, I think they're pretty cute.

I also changed the name of the blog. It's the future name of my yarn store that I want.

I've also started Christmas presents which will be consisting entirely of knitted items. For my mom, gramma, and father-in-law's girlfriend, scarves. For Robbie--something we cannot discuss (surprise and I haven't figured out what yet). For Elodie, I'm going to knit a pea coat (remember that purple thing? Yeah. I'm going to finish it). For my brother and dad and Robbie's dad and stepdad, gloves. Barb and Toby read the blog, so it's also a secret (well, Barb reads it). Tanner and his fiance Kyla and Tyler and his girlfriend Ashley will be getting a stack of dishcloths. Sounds crappy, but they're so vital. For everybody else, you're getting hats. They'll be cool. ;)

Whew. That's a lot of knitting. Okay, I gotta go finish my socks so I can start the Xmas knitting!

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Mary said...

Whooo Hoooo! I get a hat! Make mine big cuz I have a rather large head. Can I have a hole for my pony tail to poke through? Thanks.

::giggle, giggle, giggle::