Wheat Free

Our family has decided to eliminate wheat from our diet.

Background: Last year, I decided enough was enough and started seeing a nutritionist. In six months, I lost 30 pounds. I stopped going in May of this past year, and while I haven't gained much at all (five pounds maybe?), I've noticed that our whole family eats A LOT of wheat. Look in your supermarket, and you'll see that there's wheat in probably 75% of the food there. I've also noticed that if I eat bread or something with quite a bit of wheat in it, I feel awful. My tummy hurts, I get a headache, I have difficulty breathing, sometimes I experience chest pain. And now my daughter has been complaining of a sore tummy every time she has a bowl of KD(macaroni and cheese), or if she has a sandwich. We switched to rye bread well over a year ago, but even that has whole wheat flour in it.

Also, wheat consumption has been tied to infertility, so hey, maybe it'll do something if I cut it out.

So we're going to try this little experiment and see if it does anything to improve how we feel. I'm going a bit more extreme and cutting out all grains except for rice, gluten-free oats and quinoa. This is day two for me, and I'm already feeling pretty decent. Please note that today is Thanksgiving up here in Canada, though, so that meant that I didn't get any bun with my turkey dinner, or stuffing (not that I like stuffing anyway), and no pie crust on my apple pie. And boy, did I ever want that bun!!

Wish me luck. I'll keep you all posted on how this goes.

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