2010 On The Go!

Well, despite having not blogged for a month, I really have gotten things done. The holidays came and went with hardly a stitch given, save from a pair of socks for my best friend and a sweater for my mom. I decided it was just too much to knit for everybody, and honestly, not everybody appreciates the time and effort of it, so I left my needles pretty cool. As usual, the holidays were very busy, though, with way too much food and drink.

New Year's was a quiet affair with Robbie and I mostly just reading and chatting and having a glass of wine as 2009 went and 2010 entered. And since then, I've been doing not much more than work and sleep. However, I have managed to knit one thing.


This is Wisp. The picture's not great (I just took it, and it's 11:00 at night, so, you know...), but when the sun comes up tomorrow (tomorrow...I'll love you, tomorrow...) I'll get a better picture. It came off my needles about a week or so ago, and I just bothered to block it and weave in all the ends. It's pretty, though, and the Zauberball makes the project, which is a pretty straight-forward (and boring) knit. To add some textural design to the scarf, I changed up the pattern slightly in alternate panels, with a YO, K1 for one panel and a K1, YO for the next. I actually liked the K1, YO better than the called-for YO, K1. It just seemed cleaner to me.

Troldeskov is doing well. I've had a lot of interest, which is great, and I'll be releasing the pattern for sale on Ravelry in just a few days. All my test knitters are finished, and for the most part, the pattern feedback was really positive. I do have a few things to adjust, such as some errors I made in the charting (sorry, folks. Check out the errata on Ravelry) and maybe a bit more clarity for my overseas friends who may knit the shawl. Overall, though, I'm extremely thrilled with the response that I've been getting on my first real design, and my husband has been encouraging me to design some more. I'm thinking a shawl based on Vulcans...hmmm...

Finally, I leave you with a bit of my day today. Elodie was transformed by the super powers of broccoli into Super Elodie, with the super power of cleaning up all her toys and eating all her lunch (and ice cream for desert!).

Super Elodie Super Elodie - muscles
(so happy with how clean and shiny my Counter top looks in that last one. ;)


Kristen said...

These are probably the cutest pictures I have EVER seen :) She's so serious!

...oh and your countertops are VERY shiny ;)



Kayla W said...

Aw, thanks, Kristen. I think she's pretty freaking awesome. :)