Must-Knit list

Yoinked from Annie. These are my must-knit patterns from my queue on Ravelry.

Linea 7
Linea. I LOVE this shirt. If only, if only I was still a skinny mini. Unfortunately, I gave up on my size fours, but I'm still holding out hope for the sixes. ;)

Kiehkuralapaset - Swirly Mittens. I queued a lot of mittens over the winter, but these still stand out for me. They're absolutely lovely, and I think if they were knit in Noro, they'd be stunning.

cardi (5) 72
Versatility. This picture makes it a little hard to see, but it's a really interesting design. It's essentially a long stole, but with one side of buttons and the other side of button holes, not to mention a pretty ribbon, it can be worn lots of different ways.

B16-10 Jacket from Drops Design.

Burridge Lake Aran Afghan 1
The always-stunning Burridge Lake Aran Afghan. Nuff said.

Currently, Veil of Isis is coming along nicely. Only one more repeat before I'm at the edging. No pictures yet. I want to get it all done, blocked and beautiful before I show you all. I nixed the idea of silk. After working with it, I wasn't getting the effect I desired. So I ordered in some really beautiful misty grey cashmere from ColourMart for $32, and it's perfect.

Mom's sweater has returned to me for alterations. Only about half a foot more length, she says. *sigh*


Mary~Momathon said...

All very beautiful! I love love love that blanket! My baby has a knit blanket from BRU that is her very special blankie, as much as we all love it, it's a mass produced store bought piece that will pale in comparison to yours. Can't wait to see what comes off your needles next!

WCOBBS said...

You should really do a versatility. All the cool kids are.... Seriously, it is a pretty mindless knit and looks great done. Spinning for it goes pretty fast too as it is just a bulky single.